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Reigniting passion in long-term relationships by exploring ways to enhance sexual experiences. Key points include understanding libido, influenced by factors like stress, age, and self-esteem, with 15% of men and 32% of women experiencing low sexual desire. It suggests open communication with partners and trying new things like different positions, erogenous zone stimulation, and introducing sex toys such as Kiki Handcuff Wristlets, Verge Vibrating Perineum Stimulator, and Organics Natural Lubricant. The article emphasizes luxury in sexual experiences, recommending products like sexy lingerie sets and The Prim, a sex bouncy pillow. For further reading, it suggests "The Sex Issue" by Goop. The main message is to listen to and act on each other's desires for a more fulfilling relationship.

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If you’ve been in a relationship for a while, you might feel the need to from time to spice things up and try new things to keep life interesting in the bedroom. Maybe your partner and you are not having as much desirable sex as you’d wish for. 

You’ve probably heard that keeping sex exciting and enjoyable for both you and your partner means putting in work and not doing the exact same thing day in and day out, but we are never told how we are supposed to do to so. Maybe your libido is down and sex doesn’t excite you as much. 

For those who are unfamiliar with the word libido is a term used in psychoanalysis to describe the energy created by survival and sexual instincts. What stops people from simply acting upon their most basic instincts and desires? The ego. The ego makes sure that urges are expressed in acceptable ways So, it will basically prevent you from grabbing that donut off of the store shelf and eating it immediately, the ego reigns in this impulse. 

Beyond its Freudian origins, the term libido is most often used today in reference to a person's sex drive.

Factors like stress, personality, age, relationship status, lifestyle, and past experiences might affect the libido including other issues such as body image, self-esteem, and depression can also make people desire sex less.

Low libido is a common problem. Research suggests that 15% of men and nearly 32% of women experience low sexual desire. You can tell if your libido is low if you have little or no interest in sex, experience few sexual fantasies, and have trouble finding pleasure in sex.

If you find yourself enjoying the same thing or things as your partner every time, then maybe your intimate relationship doesn’t need additional spicing up, but it will certainly make things exciting and forever remembered. Think of it as a perfect recipe that gets better with additional ingredients. Commonly, even the most incredible sex can become routine. You or your partner may start to feel less excited with sex that used to turn you on, or just feel like it’s the right time for something new and exciting. Most people do not express their true sexual desires due to the fear of being rejected, even with their long-time partners. 

Having more sex or, better sex can make your relationship more fulfilling, dynamic, and satisfying. an important component for long-term happiness together. You might consider talking your partner into having more sexual activity when in need of it or if you’re looking for a change. “Confronting” your partner isn’t likely to achieve much more than additional conflict, and neither of you is going to get much satisfaction, sexual or otherwise, from a long, tense, and stressful argument. Instead, try initiating sex and bringing new toys to the bedroom. Toys can vary from a cheeky set of Kiki Handcuff Wristlets or a Verge Vibrating Perineum Stimulator, obviously, always using a well deserve Organics Natural Lubricant.  It all depends on what you and your partner are into. Surprise them with a sexy lingerie set. 

Toys can be expensive but sex should be luxurious, and enjoyed to its fullest. After all, it’s an investment not only for your pleasure but for the sake of your relationship's happiness. 

It’s been proven that trying different things and different positions in the bedroom, can stimulate different erogenous zones for both you and your partner, giving you a more pleasurable experience. You can often unlock deeper forms of pleasure by focusing more attention on erogenous zones, such as the G-spot and prostate.

While some people like to nourish their relationships with a romantic dinner, chocolates, flowers, and a passionate night of lovemaking, We recommend everyone to listen to their partner's desires, without judgment and act on each other deepest fantasies and maybe try some spanking, choking, using hot wax, various types of sex toys, threesomes or BDSM…And if this is just too much for you, try reading The Sex Issue by Goop, and wet yourself (pun intended) on everything there is to know about sex, maybe start by bringing The Prim, a sex bouncy pillow to start giving your sex life a boost! 

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